Friday, August 19, 2005

Berserker Wolverine Review!

Chase figure of the first assortment of the Superhero Showdown Booster Packs by Toybiz. Others in this wave are: Ghost Rider, Punisher, Doctor Octopus, and Black Costume Spider-Man.

-Excellent. The sculptor here managed to match the physique on the Two Pack Tiger-Stripe Wolverine pretty well, without it being a carbon copy. The musculature is similar but if you look close and compare the details are slightly different, such as muscle placement, veins, hair, etc. Nice work. Also the claws here are very nice, a noticable improvement on the Two Pack Tiger Stripe Wolverine's claws. Much stiffer, and made to look like the bone claws the character sported at one time.

Okay. Weak point of this entire line is the paint applications. This one is okay, but as you can see from the pics they didn't apply it very exactly. It's about on par for any figure line this small though, so I can let it pass - at least with the regular figures you can compare and contrast before you buy.

-Almost perfect. These figures truly are among the most articulated figures in the scale, but they could still add on a few more points here and there. This particular figure has a problem that has plagued the entire line to this point excepting the Two Pack Spider-man: no wrist or forearm swivel. This prevents you from getting some nice fighting poses, but it's still a very playable figure.

-Okay. All of the accessories for this line are given over to the game that's sorta-kinda-basically the reason/excuse for this line to exist. Most of it is useless if you don't play the game(I don't), such as the gun launcher thing, and the cards(which are nice though). However the stand the figures all come with are quite nice, they resemble the flying stands with some Marvel Legends, and are very useful in creating action poses.

-Recommended highly. If you like the line, then you need to buy this figure the moment you see him. He's incredibly rare, I've never seen him at retail(lucked out and ordered him from amazon). Probably one of the two or three best figures in the line so far, and if this is the quality we can expect in future waves, this may become one of my favorite lines. All of the flaws are fixable, and the potential is huge. The $7.99 price is a bit steep for the scale, but not as much as people would have you think - Microman(admittedly which are imports) go for from $10-15, Star Wars MSRP is only a dollar less at $6.99, and BBi's new line of 1:18 WW2 Paratroopers is hovering around the $8 mark as well.


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