Friday, September 09, 2005

ML10 Cyclops Review!

Cyclops action figure from the tenth series of Toybiz's Marvel Legends line. Wearing probably his most iconic costume.

Good. The figure reuses one of my favorite torso sculpts in Toybiz's repertoire, this is its third appearance in the line following ML2 Namor and ML5 Nick Fury. However I'm basing this review on the new pieces made for this figure, which is everything below the knees, below the elbows, and the head. The face sculpt isn't terribly popular but I think it's fine, it's distinctive and the sour expression is faithful to the character. The gloves are very nicely detailed and realistic looking. The boots however suffer from some poor planning. It's apparant from the prototype photographs that the lower calves of the figure were meant to be longer, but at some point they must have realized they were making the figure altogether too tall, and shortened them. The sum result of this is that the boot cuffs, already rather big, became overwhelming. It makes the figure look a bit squat, but if you look closely he's rather well-proportioned.

Okay. Here we run into problems. A lot has been mentioned about the black wash used on the figure's torso, but in person that looks fine. The real problem with the paint scheme is the wash used on the gloves and boots. It's meant to look them look filthy and it does. Cyclops looks like he's been swimming through a sewer. The applications overall are decent, though hardly perfect. No major flaws though.

Good. I count 30, but I suppose if you want to get technical it could go up to as high as 34 because of the style of the shoulders and hips. They're ball joints, but not true ball joints imo, they're a combination of a hinge on a swivel. it essentially gets the same motion and could be considered 2 points of articulation per joint, but I consider it one. Cyclops has: a limited ball neck, ball shoulders, bicep swivels, double hinge elbows, forearm swivel cuts along the glove line, wrist hinges, knuckle hinges, waist swivel, ball hips, mid-thigh swivel cuts, double hinge knees, mid-calf cut under the bootcuffs, hinge ankles, hinge toes. Standard as Toybiz gets.

Good. Comes with a piece of the Build-A-Figure Sentinel and a flying stand. The flying stand is a nice touch, but unneccessary. As with all MLs he comes with a comic book.

Pretty good. Not exactly the pinnacle of the action figure art, Cyclops is a solid figure, executed well. Not perfect, not the ideal Cyclops we could ever want, but the best one we've seen to date.


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