Sunday, November 13, 2005

Marvel Select Thanos Review!

Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select Thanos action figure.

Excellent. This figures look like he stepped right out of the pages of the Infinity Gauntlet. One of my favorite artists is Ron Lim, whose work on the Silver Surfer made that my favorite character, and Thanos one of my favorite villains, and the sculpt on this figure captures the look of Lim's art while adding necessary three-dimensional details to keep it interesting. Just look at the comic art sampled on the packaging - this is the ultimate Thanos figure.

Poor. Pains me to say it, but it pains me even more that they gave paint apps this poor to such a great sculpt. I saw two in the store, and chose the better one, and even this one is sloppy. The wash on his face is too thin and unevenly applied, same as the rest of his body. Much of the gold detailing bleeds over. This is not the kind of paint application you expect from a $20 figure. It'd be passable for a $8 Marvel Legend, but at this pricepoint it's a huge disappointment. The abject failure in this category flat out drops this figure from where it deserves to be - the best figure of the year.

Very Good. Here's where the extra money comes into the figure. Thanos is a big figure, and he's HEAVY in that lovely thick plastic way. He makes a thump when you put him down kind of heavy. Solidly built, the first comment I'd heard from someone who owned this figure was that he broke, but I can't see that with this figure, he's thick as thick can be. His plastic also doesn't feel cheap like Marvel Legends, it's certainly a higher grade.

Very Good. I tend to judge within a line, by the standards set within that line, so while this figure doesn't have Marvel Legends levels of articulation, it is well-articulated by the standards of Marvel Select. And realistically(a dangerous word in this hobby) Thanos doesn't need much more articulation than he has. He is only really missing an ab crunch and boot swivel cuts. What he does have is: Ball neck, ball shoulders, bicep swivels below the ball, pin elbows, forearm swivels along the glove line, waist swivel, ball hips, thigh swivel below the ball, pin knees, pin ankles. I count 18 points of articulation.

Excellent. Marvel Selects in the past have usually come with bases, but lately they've been gravitating towards two-pack scenarios. With this figure instead of a base they decided to include a character most would never expect to see, Death. One of the core mystical beings in the Marvel Universe, she's a very important background character that rarely comes to the foreground enough to draw much interest from fans in terms of toys. There are better resources that will tell you her connection to Thanos, but it's pretty major. In any case, it's a great idea for a pack-in. She has no points of articulation, basically just a figurine, but she's very nicely sculpted, and comes with a human-face mask, that unfortunately looks kind of fakey when she's wearing it. Still, nice effort, and since it's meant to be a mask and happens to look like one, no harm here. Thanos also has an alternate open hand with the Infinity Gauntlet on it, a very specific and important accessory for the character.

Very Good. Wow, so close to being my favorite figure of the year - hell it still might be. The disappointing paint apps naturally vary from figure to figure so I'm sure there are some out there with perfect ones. In that case I think this *would* in fact be the best figure released this year from my point of view. Unfortunately with my particular figure this is not the case. Still very high in the top ten, no doubt.


Anonymous Wugmanmax said...

Awesome! I want one. :)

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Corvus said...

Superb review!

I can't find any contact info for you, and I was planning on linking to your review from the news section of my Thanos site, and I was wondering if it was okay to use one of your photos.

Contact me at:

Thanks! :D

11:51 PM  
Anonymous bigraj said...

Great review! The figure looks awesome! Thanos has long been my favorite comic book character. I had hoped for a Marvel Legends version, but am very pleased to get this one. Hopefully, the place where I ordered it from will receive it soon.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This figure rocks. I'd been hoping for a ML Thanos for a long time, but the site where I order my sets doesn't list him through series 15. I'm happy to say they featured this under the select line, which I never buy. Well, I had to make an exception! I'm also pleased that many figs on my list of wants are being made for ML in the next few assts.

Baron Zemo
Beta Ray Bill
Moon Knight

So many more...It's gonna be a good year! Thanks for the review.


11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I may ask, how in the hell did you get his left hand off to swap out the Infinite Gauntlet hand? I really wanna display him with the Gauntlet, but his arm doesn't want to let the factory attached fist go.

11:39 PM  

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