Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ninja B.A.T. Mini-Review!

Hasbro's Sigma Six Soldier Series One Ninja B.A.T. figure.

Articulation/Sculpt - Excellent/Very Good. Consistent with the animated style of the tv series, the sculpt is very well done but lacking in subtlety. Some features, such as the feet, are very cool, but the style doesn't lend itself to generous detail. Articulation is ample with Ball neck, ball shoulders, ball elbow(right arm), ball wrists, waist swivel, ball hips, ball knees, ball ankles.

Action Features/Accessories - Excellent/Very Good. Accessory wise the B.A.T. isn't as heavily weighed down as the first Sigma Six figures we saw, because he's part of the cheaper "Soldier" assortment. However he still has a good supply of weaponry, from a nifty laser rifle to a laser sword and two laser knives. The knives combine into one bladed weapon, but frankly I tend to dislike them, they're a bit unwieldy. The sword is the best accessory, and I keep the rifle pegged onto his back. The B.A.T. is also the first Sigma Six figure with action features, and it's a mixed bag. There are three: one is a removable chest cover which actually isn't very "actiony" but I guess you can consider it battle damage. He also has spring load laser blades on his arms, the buttons of which are well hidden as spikes on the armor design. They don't extend very far and are mainly for show. The main action feature is a retractable zipline arm. It extends the forearm from where the elbow joint should be, and retracts quickly via a button on the front torso. Unfortunately this design makes this arm pretty useless, it pegs on and you can keep it straight, but this limits posing, or you can let it dangle limply. Both options are bad. However it IS fun to play with, and that's really the point isn't it?

Overall - Very Good. As with all the Sigma Six figures so far, this is a toy designed to be played with, and it excels in this regard. To those looking more for fine sculpting, this isn't the line for you.


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