Friday, March 03, 2006

Two more Predator images

I had a fairly good reaction to my review of the Hot Toys Predator, but a couple of people were interested in seeing a couple more images to clear up certain things for them. So here they are:

First, a scale comparison with a normal sized 1/6 human, in this case a BBi SWAT member, Barrett.

Second, a picture showing the Predator in a less static pose. There's been some worries that the armor prevents posability and this was re-enforced by all the pictures so far having the figure in the "waiting for a bus" pose. It's not the case at all, though. Basically the head is so heavy that posing the figure in action poses is difficult without using the stand, and I *hate* having to pose figures with stands in photos so I didn't try. This is the best I could do without using a stand, you can get into more and better poses using one though.


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