Monday, August 22, 2005

Aptom IV Review!

Aptom IV from Max Factory's Guyver Biofighter Collection Max series. Imported from Japan.

Exquisite. More a piece of art than an action figure, the detail captured here is all the more amazing for how much invisible articulation they packed in.

Very good. Would get higher but most of the figure is the actual color of the plastic and thus very little of the plastic is painted. What painting there is, however, is well done and artistically rendered.

Perfect. Max Factory's Guyver BFC Max line is the answer to the tired claim that articulation ruins sculpts. Not so. Here, there are over 30 points of articulation that I counted before giving up, and very little is easy to spot at first glance apart from the arms.

Excellent. Well, just look! The wings alone are great, without the spine missile armor attachments.

Tricky. These figures cost a fortune. You have to order them from Japan or an American company who imports them(and jacks up the price). On the other hand, these figures are so limited, and so finely made, they're almost worth it... Basically if you have one, you're part of a limited fraternity of a few hundred Americans who own one. Still, if you find yourself scoffing at buying Marvel Legends for more than $10, you'd probably be better off looking, not touching.


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