Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Christy Hemme Review!

Jakks Pacific's WWE DIVA Christy Hemme action figure, exclusive to

Very good. This is apparently the Jakks stock body for female figures, and it's not bad. It's rather tall, over 6", but it looks good. Nothing special there, but the head sculpt for Christy Hemme is *excellent*. Female faces are exceptionally hard to do well, especially in a mass market line, but here Jakks has given one of the more attractive face sculpts I've seen on a figure outside of McFarlane or some figure from Japan. The level of detail on the face is very nice(if you get one, look at her teeth!), and the hair sculpt is one of the better ones I've seen. One problem is her forehead looks a tad too spacious, her hairline a little high, but I think that's a problem of manufacturing rather than of sculpt.

Good. Here again there's a difference between the head and the body. The head's paint applications are flawless(though I'm told they got her hair color wrong), on the body itself they're good, though there's some *slight* bleed from her clothes on the skin. By slight I mean less than a millimeter. The paint is very basic anyway, just some red on her sports bra and shorts, plus the makeup detail on her face. They seem to be relying mainly on the flesh colored plastic.

Good. Well, let's say it. She's no Marvel Legends. Not every figure has to be, and frankly I don't want every figure *to* be as heavily articulated as ML. She has a ball neck, ball shoulders, bicep swivels, hinged elbows, wrist swivels, mid-palm hinges(?!), waist swivel, swivel hips, hinged knees, hinged ankles. I count 18 points of articulation. She could use ball hips and mid-calf swivels to be perfect, but as it is she's very posable.

Excellent. I actually didn't expect any accessories, and they provided her with some interesting ones. A wireless microphone, a water bottle(which she can't hold) and a working in-scale folding chair. I assume these are reused accessories from other figures in the line, but it's still nice. She also comes with a cheap cloth skirt that is removable, but that seems mainly to be about saving poor children from seeing women in shorts for some reason.

Very good. This is the first wrestling figure I've owned since I was a kid, and I'll be honest, I bought it because I thought she looked hot. That said she's a pretty fun figure, a bit cheap feeling(but no less than the regular line I assume), but otherwise a good buy.


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