Saturday, September 10, 2005

ML10 Mystique Review!

Toybiz's Marvel Legends series ten Mystique action figure.

Good. A simply sculpted female figure, not much personality apparant in the sculpt, they seem to be relying on the oddness of her coloring to sell the figure. The sole intricate detail on the figure is her trademark miniskulls belt. Still, it's done well. Her facial expression is a bit hard to see because of the dark plastic, but you can see enough to see she's one of Toybiz's prettier female faces.

Decent. Not much going on here either, she's basically three colors, blue, white, and red. The blue is mostly plastic, the red of her hair looks like paint, and the white is a mix of paint and plastic. The hair is the worst paint-wise of the figurem they mixed too much black into it and it gives it a dirty look. Also there is much evidence of Toybiz's annoying habit of slathering a blue wash on white parts of figure.

Very good. Mystique is one of the least articulated MLs for a long, long time, but in her case this is a good thing. Eliminating horrifically ugly swivel cuts across muscles that have plagued all their other female figures to date. The package says 27 POA and I see: neck hinge/swivel, ball shoulders, bicep swivels, double-hinged elbows, wrist hinges, knuckle hinges, boob swivel, ab hinge, ball waist, ball hips, double-hinged knees, hinge ankles. I count 24 but they maybe be counting the ball waist and shoulders as two, which is fair.

Good. As with the rest of ML10, she comes with a piece of the Sentinel and a flying stand, which is somewhat unnecessary. Instead of a comic book, she comes with a posterbook.

Very good. Mystique's not one of my favorite characters, but with this figure Toybiz has answered every single one of my past complaints about their female figures. Bring on the Scarlet Witch and X23!


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