Friday, September 09, 2005

ML10 Omega Red Review!

Omega Red action figure from the tenth series of Toybiz's Marvel Legends line.

Very good. Another reuse of an older body, with some slight alterations. This time it's the base of ML5's Sabretooth, also previously used in the Venom figure in the Sinister Six boxet. The alterations involve new lower legs and knees, new forearms and elbows, new head. The sum total of the changes make the figure immensely taller than either that Venom or Sabretooth, and standing together they don't really look like the same base body on first glance. The heighth difference however is entirely in the new lower legs, which are massive. The face sculpt is impressive, and he fits in well with Wolverine, Cable, Deadpool, and the rest of the newer, edgier X-characters. He seems the least sophisticated sculpt of ML10, and would have been right at home in any wave from 5-7. Among the generally excellent new sculpts of the past few waves he seems a bit of a throwback. His harness and shoulderpads aren't sculpted on, it's a loose piece that goes over him, and is pegged at the front.

Average. The poorest paint application and design of the wave. It's really a simple figure, and the paint design combined with the less sophisticated style of sculpting are less Toybiz of 2005 than Toybiz of 2003.

Excellent. This figure is the most obviously an "action" figure of the wave - he's not meant to stand on a shelf. Designed for plenty of play, he's a dream to pose. His articulation is: neck hinge & swivel, pony tail swivel cut, stupid armpit hinges, ball shoulders, bicep swivel, double hinged elbows, hinged wrists, hinged knuckles, ab hinge, waist swivel, ball hips, hip swivels below the ball joints, double-hinged knees, mid-calf swivel cut, hinge ankles, and swivel based tentacles that are bendy.

Good. He comes with a piece of the Sentinel, a flying stand, and his tentacles. As with all MLs he comes with a comic book.

Very good. Just a fun figure, his size and scult make him a menacing enemy for the traditionally enemy poor Marvel Legends line, and this makes up for his lack of sophistication.


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