Saturday, September 10, 2005

ML10 Mr. Sinister Review!

Mr. Sinister action figure from Toybiz's Marvel Legends series ten.

Excellent. The best-sculpted figure of the wave, and possibly the best of the entire line to date. He's a bit taller than he should be, but he lists shape-shifting among his powers, and there's just so much personality in every millimeter of him. It's not surprising to learn that this figure was sculpted by the same artist who made the sublime Black Panther figure. Like them, this figure is dynamic even in a vanilla pose.

Excellent. A lot was said that this figure lost it's metallic armor sheen between the prototype stage and production, but on my figure at least that's not the case. There's some paint wear already on the red diamond on the front of his armor, but that's mostly my fault I think.

Very good. Nothing fancy here, mostly standard. There's a giant flaw in the choice of articulation however, that keeps this figure from being perfect: a mid-forearm cut. There's plenty of room along the glove line to do it. This oversight severely limits his arm poseability. In any case, here's what he has: neck hinge/swivel, good armpit hinges(the bullseye front/back kind, not the awful Deadpool up/down one), ball shoulders, bicep swivels, double-hinged elbows, wrist hinge, individual fingers articulated at the knuckle, ab hinge, waist swivel, ball hips, thigh swivel at the balljoint, double-hinged knees, mid-calf swivel cuts, ankle hinges, toe hinges. I put the POA count at 37, but it could be up to 41 based on how you count them.

Good. As with all ML10, Mr Sinister comes with a piece of a Sentinel and a flying stand. Being so tall however, he doesn't need one, and looks silly using it. And as with all MLs, he comes with a comic book featuring him. He comes with a stringy cape pegged at the back of his neck, and it looks good and hangs well.

Excellent. The best Marvel Legends to date? If not, he's pretty damned close. Best ML of series 10? Definitely. Going in, he was my least-wanted figure of the wave, and now I can't get enough of the guy. A case of a figure making me a fan of the character.


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