Saturday, October 15, 2005

Richard Guyot Review!

Max Factory's Guyver Bio Fighter Collection Richard Guyot action figure.

Excellent. Probably the best all around series of action features being made in the world at the below 10" scale, this is yet another amazing example of Max Factory's artistry. Usually known for doing PVC statues of anime properties, this is one of their first action figure lines and they haven't dropped their level of sculpt one bit. Richard Guyot(this is the English spelling, btw), as perhaps the chief villain of the Guyver stories, looks suitably menacing here. His scale is off by a small bit - according to info I found on the net, he should probably be an inch bigger here, at 10 1/2", but since the figure's already a HUGE 9" and change, I'm not going to quibble about it.

Excellent. With the price of the figure, you expect a good quality paint application, and you get it. Every figure in this line tends to feel almost hand-made, and each is an improvement on the last. The paint scheme is more or less accurate to the anime I believe, and he's suitably monster-ish while still being visually appealing. The premise of Guyver has a lot to do with biological armor, and though this figure is more of a transformation than a guy in armor, it maintains the visual of living armor quite well.

Very good. Guyot has slightly less articulation than the other figures in the line, but I can tell just looking at him that it's due to his design preventing it. Still, a lot is packed in, the only articulation he misses is an ab joint and ball wrists. He has: ball neck, ball shoulders(hinge & swivel), elbow swivels, pin elbows, wrist swivel, waist swivel(seems like a ball joint actually but we get next to no up/down movement), ball hips, swivels below the ball hips, double hinged knees, hinged ankles. 22 points of articulation by my count, could've used a couple more. There's few poses he can't achieve however.

Excellent. You can't really ever fault the japanese for the amount of accessories they like to include with a figure. Guyot's main accessory is a set of gold snap-on armor, that isn't source-accurate(he doesn't wear it in this form) but is cool nonetheless. One thing to worry about is some paint rub from the armor onto his body as you snap it on. Guyot also comes with the basic multiple extra hands, two fists, two spread hands, one gripping hand, and special to this character, a giant Unit Remover hand(the big gun looking thing) which is meant to be used to remove Guyver armor from an opponent. As with the rest of the series Guyot also includes a great flying stand(that inevitable goes to my Marvel Legends).

Excellent. Along with Guyver I this is the best figure produced in the line to date. The new plastic being used with Guyver I and now Guyot is far superior to the plastic used on earlier figures, which has a reported tendency to break easily. This plastic is softer, yet still sturdy, and feels almost luxurious. Guyot's manufacture is the best I've seen to date in the line as well, he has a real heft to him, and holds poses exceedinly well. This is the peak of the action figure craft.


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